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The latest from the campaign trail.

Trains with Tommy Event Held by Rep. Macco

Rep. John Macco (R-Ledgeview) held a Trains with Tommy event on Sept. 25th, where he played host to former Governor Tommy Thompson. The event took place at the National Railroad Museum.

Gov. Thompson provided a detailed history lesson on Wisconsin politics, discussing the challenging economic and political climate when he took office. He detailed the ways in which Republicans have righted the ship and created reforms propelling the state forward, both then and now.

“Things are going well in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Macco. “However, our conservative reforms are under attack. We must look back at the situation when Republicans took office and realize we are consistently doing better and will continue to do so.”

Gov. Thompson went on to applaud the work of Rep. Macco and his Republican colleagues for making Wisconsin a place full of opportunity, with fewer regulations and less taxation.

“He’s an achiever. A guy who gets the job done,” said Gov. Thompson, referring to Rep. Macco.

Attendees were urged to buck complacency and stay engaged as they approach the 2018 fall elections, especially in the race for the 88th Assembly District.

“It is easy to see our reforms are working for Wisconsinites,” said Rep. Macco. “But we need to keep the voters engaged so we can continue making great strides for all.”

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