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Rep. Macco Works to Bring Southern Bridge to South De Pere

Madison…Representative John Macco (R – Ledgeview), working with the Greater Green Bay Chamber and local units of government, delivered a letter to Secretary Mark Gottlieb of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WiDOT) to request that 5 miles of Wisconsin’s Critical Urban Freight Corridor (CUFC) allotment be granted to the Southern Bridge Corridor.

“We need to get this done,” said Rep. Macco. “We’ve found the best location, met with businesses, gotten resolutions from the communities and the next step is to build the bridge. If the Department of Transportation decides to grant Brown County 5 miles of our CUFC allotment, we’ll be one step closer to doing that.”

The CUFC allotment comes from the Federal FAST Act 2015 which allows Wisconsin to identify up to 75 miles of highway under CUFC to assist the movement of freight. When designated, the corridors are eligible for additional federal funding which will mean a shortened timeline for bridge construction

“The establishment of a new urban freight corridor in southern Brown County is imperative to the continued growth and success of our region. With this designation, the opportunities for business attraction and expansion are endless,” commented Laurie Radke, President/CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber. “We are incredibly grateful to Representative Macco for his work and leadership on this project.”

“I am committed to seeing this bridge built, even if I have to buy a shovel myself and start digging on weekends,” said Rep Macco. “I hope the Secretary feels the same way and makes this designation.”

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