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Rep. Macco Thrilled for Announcement of Foxconn Innovation Center

Today, Governor Scott Walker announced Foxconn will be developing an Innovation Center in Green Bay, WI. Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“Since the announcement of the Foxconn campus in Southeast Wisconsin, residents of Northeast Wisconsin have been asking, ‘What is in it for me?’” said Rep. Macco “Today’s announcement shows the ripple effect Foxconn is having on the entire state.”

“Green Bay is expanding by leaps and bounds! We have set ourselves up for this growth by creating an engineering college at UW-Green Bay, building a STEM center on UWGB’s campus and Microsoft investing in our city’s workforce capabilities. I am proud to have authored the legislation to fund the STEM center and to have worked with Chancellor Miller to bring engineering to the university.” continued Rep. Macco “Green Bay is growing! The magnitude of a Foxconn Innovation Center in Northeast Wisconsin cannot be overstated!”

“The Foxconn Innovation Center will continue to transform Green Bay by growing 21st century jobs and promoting innovation.” said Rep. Macco.

Foxconn is investing $10 billion in the state for an electronics manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant, WI. This is the first manufacturing plant Foxconn has built in North America. It is projected that Foxconn will do $1.4 billion worth of business in Wisconsin per year.

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