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The latest from the campaign trail.

Rep. Macco Statement on Milwaukee-Green Bay Pipeline

Green Bay…Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) applauded the West Shore Pipeline Company and their management of the Milwaukee to Green Bay Petroleum Pipeline. The Company preemptively shut down a 60 year old pipeline over safety concerns and have plans to construct a higher-capacity and more efficient pipeline within the next two years.

“This is a great example of a conscientious company acting not because of government force, but because of care for the environment, community and economy,” said Rep. Macco. “I applaud the leaders of West Shore Pipeline Company for taking necessary steps to replace the aging pipeline and create a stable system for petroleum for years to come.”

The pipeline was the only one to service the Green Bay community. It transported all types of refined petroleum, from gasoline to jet fuel, to the Green Bay area. Since the pipeline was shut down on March 10, roughly 250 trucks are needed daily to transport the fuel. Governor Scott Walker declared a state of emergency to allow truck drivers to work more hours because of the increased demand.

“As a member of the Assembly Transportation Committee, I will be following this situation closely to ensure the proper permitting is in place, the wear and tear on roadways is minimal, and consumers do not feel a significant increase in their gasoline budget,” continued Rep. Macco. “I look forward to a new pipeline to service the area for decades to come.”

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