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The latest from the campaign trail.

Rep. Macco Hosts Assembly Legislators in Green Bay

Rep. John Macco (R-Ledgeview) hosted Wisconsin State Assembly legislators in Green Bay. The group went out into the Bellevue and Green Bay communities to meet with constituents from the 88th Assembly District and talk about issues that matter most going into the November 6th election.

“It was great hitting the neighborhoods with my colleagues and connecting with Green Bay voters,” said Rep. Macco. “We are accomplishing a lot in the state and want to fill people in on all we are doing, such as stimulating the economy, maintaining the historically low unemployment rate, and returning tax surpluses to hard-working Wisconsinites.”

Rep. Macco was joined by Reps. Jim Steineke, Mike Rohrkaste, Joel Kitchens, Mary Felzkowski, Cindi Duchow, Paul Tittl, Terry Katsma, Dave Murphy, Adam Neylon and Ron Tusler. Throughout the day legislators and volunteers engaged over 2,000 community members at their own front doors.

“I want to reach my constituents directly, right at their home,” said Rep. Macco. “These face-to-face interactions are crucial so I can hear about challenges and successes in their lives and bring those ideas to Madison. Since being elected, I have continuously fought for the people of Green Bay and will continue doing so.”

Rep. Macco was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2014.

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