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The latest from the campaign trail.

John Macco Attends Green Bay Packaging Groundbreaking

Yesterday John Macco attended the Green Bay Packaging groundbreaking for a new paper mill.

“Seeing an investment like this made in our community is very encouraging,” said Macco. “In a time of economic prosperity the Kress family is not cashing out, but instead directly investing in our community. We have worked hard at the state level to encourage a business-friendly economic environment, and investments like this show our efforts are paying off.”

Work on the $500 million project is set to begin next week, resulting in an estimated 1,000 construction and trades jobs. Once operational, the mill will enable the company to retain about 600 jobs and add up to 200 more. The mill will be economically and environmentally sustainable, increasing production and leaving less of an imprint on the environment.

“We are seeing record-breaking investments across the state from companies who see it as a place of long-term prosperity and growth,” Macco said. “By creating state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech jobs we are showing college graduates there are many great reasons to stay in Wisconsin, all while maintaining our commitment to the environment.”

Other attendees included Governor Scott Walker, Green Bay Packaging President and CEO Will Kress, Congressman Mike Gallagher, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, State Representatives Joel Kitchens and Dave Steffen, and State Senator Rob Cowles.

Construction is set to takes 2.5 years. Coordination between the company, state, county and city was essential in planning the project.

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